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02 Oct LMPD Receives Donation…

Pictured is Ken Stetson of the Lake Mills Community Foundation who is presenting a check for $21,065 to Chief Selck for the purchase of an Automated License Plate Reader (ALR) for one of the squad cars. The ALR will increase law enforcement officer efficiency in finding Amber Alerts, missing adults and suicidal person, stolen vehicles and other criminal actors in our community. The ALR runs every license plate that goes past it and will “alert” when there is a “hit” on the license plate. Chances are you have already passed ALR’s as they are commonly used in public and private sector business. On behalf of the Lake Mills Police Department I would like to thank the Lake Mills Community Foundation for their VERY generous donation. As always I am humbled by the amazing support our police department has with our community.

Thank you!

Chief Selck

Kim Peterson