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25 Sep New Officer Hired

      New Officer Hired The City of Lake Mills Police Department recently hired Ryan Madden as our newest part-time police officer.  Officer Madden is a Lake Mills resident and is employed as a full-time officer with the Capitol Police Department in Madison.  He also works as a part-time officer for the Town of Lake Mills PD and had worked 8 years with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and 2 years as a police dispatcher for Stoughton PD.  In addition, Officer Madden served 13 years with the Army National Guard as an Infantry Sgt., in which he completed 2 combat tours in Iraq.   “We are happy to have Officer Madden on-board and believe he’s going to be a great fit for our department and the community.”  Chief Patrick Matuszewski  ...

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25 Sep Coffee with cops special award

Coffee with the Cops & Open House…  Last night the Lake Mills PD sponsored their fall “Coffee with a Cop” event.  Due to popular demand, LMPD decided to run the event in the evening this time to accommodate the citizens that couldn’t make to the previous gatherings, which typically take place in the mornings.  Last night’s event was well attended and consisted of tours of the PD and the presentation of an “Outstanding Team Performance Award” by Chief Matuszewski to Lake Mills EMS, Fire and Police Departments.    “I really enjoy our “Coffee with the Cops” get-togethers, as they are a great opportunity for our officers to bond with our citizens over a cup of coffee in a relaxed environment and strengthen our police/community crime fighting team!”  Chief Patrick Matuszewski  Note:  Last night’s event was videotaped and will air on the Lake Mills Public Access TV for those who were unable to attend.         ...

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01 Sep Sept. Police Pointer

September “Police Pointer”… In this month’s Lake Mills Police Pointer, Officer Wayne Wallace talks about the laws regarding burning within the city limits.  Click on the link below to view.  ...

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