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14 Aug Drive Sober/Get Pulled Over

CITY OF LAKE MILLS POLICE DEPARTMENT DRIVE SOBER OR GET PULLED OVER CAMPAIGN Date: August 14, 2017 Contact: Sergeant Alan Witte 920-648-2354 To deter impaired driving, The Lake Mills Police Department to participate in ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’ initiative Aug. 18 – Sept. 4. Lake Mills Police Department will join hundreds of law enforcement agencies across Wisconsin to combat drunken driving during the annual “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” initiative from Aug. 18 to Sept. 4. Drivers impaired by alcohol, prescription medication, or other drugs endanger everyone. During the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over initiative, our officers will patrol in greater numbers and for longer hours to help prevent impaired drivers from killing or injuring themselves or an innocent victim. Rather than risk a drunken driving arrest or crash, the Lake Mills Police Department urges you to follow these common sense suggestions: Choose a sober designated driver before you start drinking. If you’re feeling buzzed, you likely are over the 0.08 BAC limit and should not drive. Take mass transit, a taxicab or ask a sober friend to drive you home. The Zero In Wisconsin traffic safety program has a free “Drive Sober” mobile app that can be downloaded by visiting Some taverns and restaurants have programs to provide patrons with a safe ride home. Visit and click on Safe Ride. Report impaired drivers to law enforcement by calling 911. Provide as much detail as possible on the driver, vehicle, and location.  ...

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10 Aug August Police Pointer

LMPD Police Pointer… In this Lake Mills PD “Police Pointer”, Officer Branden Cedarwall addresses the issue involving ADA (American Disability Act) Service Dogs vs. Comfort Dogs being allowed in our City’s public parks and on our beaches.  Click on the link below…    ...

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07 Aug Medication Disposal

A reminder to dump all of your medications (prescription and over-the-counter) into a baggie before bringing them to the police department for disposal as we no longer take the bottles they come in. If your medication is in the "punch put packs" you may leave them in that. We do still take needles; however, if you have a biohazard container full of needles, that should be taken to the Light and Water building at 155 S. Industrial ...

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